Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is it. Today is our gift, our fortune, our opportunity. Today we have been granted this magnificent possibility to live the highest truth of our being, to reach for our deepest wisdom, to lift the spirits of our fellow journeyers and to revive our resolve in our most challenging moments. We will either become stronger, more courageous, more compassionate, and more alive or we will not. We will either strengthen our indomitable will, raise our higher consciousness, and seek wisdom or we won't. Today we can be the change we seek in the world. Today we can model peace, sincerity, cooperation and leadership. Today we can stride confidently toward our destiny. Today we can begin moving that mountain one shovel stroke at a time. Today we will either live with vitality and passion or choose not to. Today we will, if we choose, stand firm in the belief that what we do can and will make a difference. Today is it. Only today. It's our choice.


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